What makes Elite Nails & Spa Heathrow Different?

At Elite Nails & Spa Heathrow, we offer the highest levels of luxury and sanitation for our clients, while always providing the best value and keeping our prices affordable.

Our Premium and Deluxe services will now feature individual spa sets, featuring Sea Salt Soaks, Sugar Scrubs, Masks & Lotions in a variety of scents, which you can choose!

For our pedicure services, we also now feature disposable tub liners. These new liners are single use, which means that there is no risk of contamination for our valued clients. Relax into the luxury of a water massage, without concern for hygiene. In addition, our files, pumice stones and buffers are all single use, while our other metal implements are disinfected in an autoclave between every client.

It is believed that nail polish originated in China as early 3000 BC. It was made of things such as beeswax, egg whites, gelatin and vegetable dyes. In Ancient Egypt, nail polish was a way to show class rankings, high society often painting their nails red. (No wonder red manis are so iconic!)

We carry 900 + 3 in 1 colors in regular, gel and dipping powder polish. (Please keep in mind due to different formulas they will not be a 100% match. Your nail technician can test before applying.) We offer some of the top brands in the industry; OPI, DC, iGel, SNS. Something for every taste and occasion!

Elite Nails & Spa Heathrow offers private party rooms for your party needs, whether it be a small intimate gathering or a joyous celebration, we can easily accommodate. We understand that in your dreams, every detail matters. You deserve an exceptional experience. We can make it happen, it’s what we do! Invite your friends, invite your family and let us be part of an affair to remember. Deluxe is the right place for any occasion. Stop in, grab a seat, lean back and relax!

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